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Spreading the word to celebrate the achievements

We are adamant to celebrate all of the wonderful senior cyclists across the nations!

The Road Worlds for Seniors has experienced a high and increasing coverage in media, with hundreds of inspiring stories published so far – among these stories in The Guardian, The Times, Channel 4 News, ITV News, and others both with national and international outreach. 

This has resulted in hundreds of enquiries reaching out to learn more about how they can participate in the event and offer Motiview to their residents and loved ones. 

We want to give more seniors the ability to partake – helping them break out of loneliness and social isolation, to improve their physical health and to have fun while doing it.

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Out of retirement: the care home seniors chasing global cycling glory

Featured in The Guardian, World. 2nd October 2020

Using static bikes and videos, residents compete for medals and are able to ‘travel’ to places old and new without leaving their chair.

Joy Small and Cathrine Myhr have never met, live in care homes 1,000 miles apart – but are challenging each other in a gripping sporting stand-off.

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A new spin on tackling the challenges of ageing

Featured in Health Tech World, 20 September 2020

Motitech, the Norwegian startup motivating older people and people with dementia to engage in physical activity, is holding a month-long global cycling championship for seniors.

The firm’s annual event, held in care homes across the globe, has added pertinence this year. Via Motiview, Motitech’s immersive video-based technology, participants are able to virtually travel and see the outside world at a time when most are unable to leave their accommodation or go outdoors for exercise.

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Silver pedallers go for global glory

Featured in The Times, World. 10th October 2020

From Norwegian fjords to Alpine passes via English country lanes, a peloton of pensioners has been in a battle to see who can pedal the farthest.

During their race around the world, however, none of the riders has left the comfort of their care home.

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Senior Citizens Are Cycling Their Way To Victory Thanks To Special Exercise Bikes.

Featured in Health Tech World, 20 September 2020

Some elderly residents in care homes experience loneliness, boredom, and isolation, and the novel coronavirus pandemic has only heightened these feelings.

Many seniors have been stuck indoors for months, but thanks to an innovative program, more and more of them are pedaling their way to victory — and happiness — without leaving the safety of their homes!

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