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The whole world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus had a major impact on daily lives for us all. For those that live in residential care, or usually attend an adult daycare centre, this time will have been especially challenging. I truly believe that the championship can bring joy and inspiration, despite the special circumstances, and I wish participants and support staff the best of luck. I look forward to hearing what you can achieve together

Road Worlds for Seniors 2022 begins in...


A global championship for seniors

Road Worlds for Seniors is a unique championship. For four weeks each year it allows thousands of older people and people with dementia to take part in an annual global sporting event – even though they might live in a long term care facility or experience functional impairments. 

For our cyclists, the Road Worlds for Seniors is all about having that feeling of friendly competition and being part of a community, between residents, care facilities and across national borders. We want to encourage older people to compete, have fun and get active at the same time. We want to focus on the abilities instead of disabilities, and we are proud to be working with communities of like-minded people, on local, governmental, national and international levels, who share a common goal in this.

The championship makes the cyclists become a part of something bigger; A global movement focusing on physical activity and reminiscence for people that are normally not able to take part in such initiatives.

Road Worlds for Seniors engages older people in meaningful physical activity as it increases the sense of self-efficacy, social connectedness and combats loneliness. And everyone who participates in the Championship will be rewarded for their efforts with a custom made medal.

Each year we are so grateful to be able to applaud thousands of cyclists with their own medal. And we crown the male and female champion, the best team, and the best support team; a special award going to the care team that have provided the best support and encouragement for their cyclists as we see the supporters being crucial for any athlete to succeed! 

The Road Worlds for Seniors was first launched in 2017 as an initiative customised for older people and people with dementia. And it has since experienced rapid growth with increased interest and participation from more and more countries around the world. And families, care home staff and activity coordinators, as well as local, regional, national and international organisations are showing their support for the thousands of seniors cyclists each year. 

2019 marked a milestone for Road Worlds for Seniors, with the number of participants almost doubling from 2,400 in 2018 to 4,333. And despite Covid in 2020 with many care facilities being under lockdown, over 3100 participants from 7 nations took part – resulting in amasing 103.517 km cycled. 

Road Worlds for Seniors 2021, became the largest event in the competition’s 5 – year long history. And even though Covid-19 restrictions still made the competition difficult for many this year as well, the situation did not stop the effort and commitment we experienced amongst the thousands of cyclists! Over 5000 seniors signed up, representing 260 teams from 11 countries, and a total of 156,403 km were cycling during the 4 week competition – which is equivalent to almost 4 laps around the earth! 

We are excited to welcome back our dedicated athletes and their “world class” support team once again – aiming for this year’s championship to be larger and better than ever! We are actively working with our greats partnership across the nations to give even more seniors the ability to partake – increasing yet again the number of users sites and impacted seniors.

About Motiview

During the championship, the participants use Motitech’s video and cycling concept called Motiview. With Motiview the users get motivated by cycling through a choice of thousands of locations from around the world on stationary bikes via a video projection that plays whilst the person pedals. This gives the opportunity to revisit familiar places from their childhood and other important points in their lives, which evokes memories, provides an immersive experience and creates a social norm for incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives. 

This is especially important for those living with dementia, as it provokes fond memories of familiar locations, such as their home town or favourite holiday location, sparking conversations that bring memories back to life.

Motiview has been designed for an ageing population using motivation to increase physical, mental and social wellbeing, as it allies the innovative use of technology to a sense of fun and increased self-efficacy.

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Join us in making Road Worlds for Seniors the biggest sporting event in the world! We are big believers in the importance of enablement and we are keen to help more seniors to become active through initiatives like the Road Worlds for Seniors.

Together, we want to continue to drive this event forward, and the support of our sponsors is invaluable in helping to make Road Worlds for Seniors the largest senior-focused sporting event in the world.