A village of dedicated athletic champions

What a year for the team at Bruyère Village in Canada! World champions for men, woman and team.

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What a year for the team at Bruyère Village in Canada! The atmosphere during the kick-off party was full of excitement, pride and confidence…and they certainly didn’t disappoint!

This year, they accomplished a feat never even imagined possible: A clean sweep off the 1st place trophies. They won 1st place in the team competition, 1st place in the Men’s class and 1st place in the Women’s class…not to mention 3rd place in the Men’s class as well!

With champagne glasses held high, the team cheered to another victory for the team competition. This year they had many new tenants joining in for the first time.

- I sure hope we can compete next year too! I wasn’t aware of how good this is. I’ll do better next year, says one first time competitor.


With his hand held high with 5 fingers spread open, Mr. Norman Côté came to the front with his smile beaming wide. This year, he has won 1st place in the Men’s class for 5 years in a row. It seems Mr. Côté knows no limits. As his age goes up, so do his distances year after year! What an incredible athlete!

Joining Mr. Côté this year is Mme Beauchamp who secured 1st place in the Women’s class with an impressive 4 397.0 km covered during the competition.
- And to think I was sick on that last week…I could have done more, she says.

Mr. Prud’homme also secured a place on the podium accomplishing 3rd place in the Men’s Class.
- My legs are feeling strong. I think I may give Mr. Côté better competition next year!


The staff at Bruyère Village are blown away by the accomplishments of all their athletes and are very proud. It truly was a team effort as cyclists encouraged each other to join the pedaling sessions and join the Motiview rides.

- I am so proud of our tenants who worked so hard and dedicated so much of their time so that we could take home the gold. It proves that the spirit of competition never goes away, no matter the age, says Michelle Bourdon, Coordinator, Activity and Communications at Bruyère Village.

A village of champions