Bruyère unbeatable again

The team from Canada became winners of the team competition for the third year in a row.

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The keen cyclists from Bruyère Village in Canada have in recent years almost been unbeatable in the team competition.

The Australian teams from Harbison had announced in advance that they cycled for victory this year. But led by 5-time world champion in the men's class, Norman Coté, as well as several other cyclists who have fought at the top every single year, Bruyère became world champion again.

In their first championship, the team from Hvaler in Norway took a strong silver medal with the two Australian teams from Harbison in the places behind.

Top 3 Teams:
1. Bruyère Village, Canada 16904.7 km
2. Old but Gold, Norway 11091.4 km
3. Slow Speed Demons, Moss Vale, Australia 9728.9 km

A total of 11 teams cycled over 5,000 km in this year's competition - which is absolutely fantastic!

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