Crew of the Year 2023

Sofienberghjemmet in Oslo, Norway are this year's best support team.

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As in previous years, there are many who deserve the Crew of the Year award. For us as organisers, it is touching to see how much commitment is created by employees who do their utmost to facilitate and create a pleasant environment for the cyclists during the RWS. This despite a hectic everyday life.

After several rounds of discussion, Sofienberghjemmet was named the winner. The staff have embraced RWS every single year since the start in 2017. They have also involved volunteers who have become an important part of the staff before, during and after the championship.

The employees at Sofienberghjemmet have always shown great enthusiasm and a curiosity to find good solutions and come up with new ideas. They have truly understood the vision of RWS. Everyone must be allowed to take part in the competition. You don't just send your best cyclists - you send all your cyclists.

Personal invitations

Sofienberghjemmet has received a few trophies over the years and these are used as a starting point for conversation with the cyclists and as a motivational factor.

A personal invitation is sent out to residents inviting them to participate in Sofienberghjemmet's team during the RWS.

The build-up to the championship begins early and the focus is on the community participating. Everyone is on the same team and the social part is very important.

Build-up activities are carried out and the RWS is talked about for several months before the competition starts. RWS has been established as a highlight for the residents.

The staff have really embraced the opportunity that our championship provides to include, create activity and joy, and they have become an important part of the residents' everyday life.

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