Ken (99) - I need a brake now

As 99-year young Ken Judd received the trophy for coming second in the Road Worlds for Seniors, Galanos House in Southam, UK, erupted in cheers.

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The energetic guy from Yorkshire says he needs a good break after 26 days of intense cycling.

- Ohhh, I'm tired of the bikes. I do not think I will sit on the bike now if I wake up at night, no, Ken smiles after receiving the visible proof of his achievement- a big trophy.


Ken loves to exercise and loves cycling as well as building his strength in other ways.. Last year he did very well in Road Worlds for Seniors and took a strong 7th place. This year, the 99-year-old aimed even higher.

- I had to try, so I started practising for the RWS in February. Then I cycled until July, and took a month off before the championship. I exercised two hours a day and often started early in the morning, Ken says.

During the competition, it was often the night staff who had to be trusted as supporters and serve tea to the lively cyclist.

- I often wake up at 4 o'clock at night and at that time the bikes are available, so then I typically go for a bike ride. Fortunately, the staff finally understood that they could not serve me tea in the middle of the cycling session. I was so focused that I could not stop for tea! he says and laughs.

The tea got cold the first sessions, but then they established a routine that the tea was served when Ken had 3 minutes left. Thus, he could enjoy a hot cup after a hard session.


Usually, the videos in the Motiview library that motivate the cyclist. But Ken has to admit that it was not the videos alone that motivated him during the competition.

- There is only one thing you focus on and that is the number that tell you how far you have cycled. You must be concentrated all the time! says the 99-year-old.

Ken Judd has been exercising all his life and will not stop. But whether he is competing in next year's competition, he does not know.
- Well, we'll see. It would have been fun to beat the "kid" who won, he chuckles and refers to this year's world champion, 86-year-old Norman Cote.


Denise Goodwin, Wellbeing officer at Galanos House, says this year's competition has been absolutely fantastic for the residents.

- Not everyone was so interested from the start, but were motivating each other and arranged joint sessions on the bike. This has led to more people who hadn’t done cycling before starting to cycle and that is very good, she says and adds that they have traveled around the world with the help of the Motiview library.

The goal has always been to go longer than last year and be the best in the UK this year as well.

With that in mind, it has not been difficult to motivate cyclists.
- We have focused on the fact that we are a team and that this is teamwork. Then we have published the results on the board every single day so that everyone has been able to follow how we are doing.

Denise says that several residents have set individual goals during the competition. Among others, a 94-year-old who had a goal from the start of cycling 200 miles, "clocked" in on 201 miles.

- Employees and cyclists alike have been very enthusiastic through the event and there has been a really strong team spirit. If someone has walked by the bikes and seen them not being used, they have sat down themselves or encouraged others to ride to contribute to the team’s results. The Road Worlds for Seniors has simply been absolutely fantastic, says Goodwin.

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