Kløfta is this year's Crew of the Year

Their own mascot, themed weeks during the championship and staff who really motivated their team to cycle. Meet this year's winner!

"No one becomes a star on their own". Where this quote originally comes from, is unknown. But, it is still relevant in all contexts that have to do with sport. The support team is crucial for whether you are going to perform well on the football pitch, in the gym or on a bicycle. And for the cyclists in the Road Worlds for Seniors, it is also absolutely crucial.

Facilitation, follow-up and motivation are the key words to be able to achieve success!

During RWS 2022, there have been many good candidates for the award "Crew of the Year" from Australia, UK, Canada, Norway and the many other nations that had teams registered. We at Motitech have heard of, and we have received many good tips on which team to choose.

After several rounds of considerations, the choice finally fell on the staff at Kløfta bo og aktivitetssenter in the east part Norway.

- This was awesome. Road Worlds for Seniors has been a lot of fun and it's great to receive such an award. We are humble and proud, the employees say.