The knitters of the Year

The ladies went straight to the knitting basket and found yarn in the right colors after the competition was announced.

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In the first years Road Worlds for Seniors was organized, knitting patterns for hats and headbands in the colors of the logo were sent out. After a few years without knitting, we started again this year, but this time without a pattern.

Socks and scarfs

Several wonderful entries have been submitted to us and it was a difficult task to choose a winner. After a few rounds, the choice finally fell on Tasta dagsenter in Stavanger, Norway.

- We went into the day care center and announced that there was a knitting competition in addition to the cycling this year. The ladies went straight to the knitting basket and found yarn in the right colors, says physiotherapist Kirsten Bru Mossige.

It didn't take long before the first socks in RWS colors were finished. Then seat mats and scarves were mass produced.

- The knitting has taken place while they have been queuing to get on the bikes, because there has really been a queue, says Mossige, who adds that they consider getting a third bike due to the high level of activity.

Patchwork and tie

Also worth highlighting is Frieda Farsmers Minne, who knitted a large patchwork quilt in RWS colors.

In addition, many people knitted hats, headbands and seat mats. And not to forget the tie that Ingrid at Motitech knitted for the President of RWS. This tie has already been involved in many missions!