History of RWS

Road Worlds for Seniors was first held back in 2017. Since then it has become an annual event.

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Road Worlds for Seniors was first held in 2017. At that time, Motitech entered into a collaboration with Bergen2017, which was the organizer of the UCI's cycling world championships in Bergen. RWS became part of the public health campaign for the championship and had a good collaboration with the organizers.

With 1100 cyclists from five countries, RWS was a huge success. Dressed in t-shirts, bicycle caps and buttons in our own design, the participants cycled 30,000 km in the six weeks the competition lasted.

Already after the first championship in history, it was decided that Road Worlds for Seniors would be an annual championship on a par with the world championship for professionals.

Almost 2,500 cyclists from nursing homes, day care centers and senior centers were registered from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Canada and UK. In the 4 weeks the competition lasted, a fantastic 52,000 km was covered.

The registration reached a new record when over 4300 cyclists from 7 countries signed up. A total of 108,412 km were cycled in the 25 days the competition lasted.

This year, a five-year partnership was established with Sport England and British Cycling, with the aim of activating even more seniors. Through the partnership, funded by DCMS, 50 care homes across the UK got to start with Motiview and participate in Road Worlds for Seniors.

Despite Covid, RWS was organized and gathered an impressive 129 teams and over 3000 cyclists from Australia, UK, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Although there were almost 60 fewer teams compared to the previous year, the cyclists were only 5,000 km away from breaking the record from 2019 of 108,000 km.

Road Worlds for Seniors is experiencing another milestone. More than 5,000 seniors represented by 260 teams from 11 countries signed up. In total, 156,403 km were cycled - which is equivalent to almost 4 laps around the globe!
Once again, the participants showed a dedication and commitment that proves that they are all real athletes regardless of age or level of function.

Never have our cyclist covered a distance like this year! 183 889 km which amounts to over four laps around the globe!

During the championship, residents use Motitech's video concept, Motiview. With Motiview they can cycle through a selection of 2200 videos from around the world - sitting on a stationary bike.

The combination of exercise and visual stimulation increases the activity level of older people, and gives them the opportunity to visit familiar places from their childhood or other memories they have from a long life while cycling.