Training equipment for Motiview

Since there is no interaction between the bike and the Motiview videos, you can use any kind of training device. However we have included a list of recommended equipment to us together with Motiview.

Both Nustep, rowing machines, treadmills and elliptical machines are in use together with Motiview.

The majority still use bicycles for training. It is also what we recommend since the videos are at a cycling pace.

If users have physical challenges that mean they cannot sit on a normal ergometer bike or use a pedal set, we recommend investing in a specially adapted exercise bike.

These bikes have an auxiliary engine, arm and leg trainers and can be used by both able-bodied and people with reduced functions such as wheelchair users.

The bike we recommend is the Thera Trainer Tigo 550.

This is the largest model with both arm and leg trainer in the same bike, auxiliary engine and various safety settings.

Article image
Thera-Trainer Tigo

Thera Trainer also has a smaller model called Mobi. This can be used as a bicycle on the floor, or lifted onto a table and used as an arm trainer. This model also has an auxiliary motor. Thera Trainer Mobi is often used by rehabilitation teams that visit users in their homes.

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Thera-Trainer Mobi

With the MOTOmed therapy bikes, arms and legs can be moved and activated either with the help of a motor, by using your own muscle power, or a combination of both.

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MOTOmed Loop

Combi Bike is an exercise bike developed for rehabilitation in physical therapy and at home. The BEAT technology ensures smooth movement without a motor. The energy put into the bike is released to the user at the exact moment they need assistance, achieving a smooth, rotating, and comfortable motion.

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Combi Bike plus