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Through the Road Worlds for Seniors the cyclists get that feeling of friendly competition and being part of a community – between residents, care facilities and across national borders. 

Combining physical activity and reminiscence while interacting with fellow seniors, staff, and family members has shown to give a deep and meaningful experience far beyond the physical benefits. And the team spirit creates strong bonds and new friendships as the cyclists share stories, fond memories, and cheer each other on.

We want to encourage even more seniors to compete, have fun and get active at the same time.

We want to focus on the abilities instead of disabilities, and we are proud to be working with communities of like-minded people, on local, governmental, national, and international level, who share the vision.

We aim for the Road Worlds for Seniors to become the largest sporting event in the world in terms of participants


The History of Road Worlds for Seniors

Motitech aim to significantly impact people around the world, empowering them to age well by increasing quality of life through enabling physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness.

Back in 2017, the official UCI World Championships were held in the City of Bergen, Norway. Seniors and especially those residing in aged care are often left out when major sporting event are organised nationally or even in their local community. We wanted to challenge that and let older people and people with dementia take part in a global sporting event – even though they might live in a long term care facility. That is why we arranged the Road Worlds for Seniors for the first time in 2017, a unique global sporting event for people aged 55+ coinciding with the professional cycling competition.

Since first launched in 2017, the Road Worlds for Seniors has experienced a rapid growth. Already after the first championship in history, it was decided that the “Cycling World Cup for the Elderly” would be an annual championship on a par with the professionals’ World Cup. The following year, almost 2,500 cyclists from nursing homes, day centres and senior centres signed up – representing from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Canada and the UK. And during the 4 weeks the competition lasted more than 52,000 km (32,311 miles) was covered.

Road Worlds for Seniors 2019, marked a milestone with the number of participants almost doubling from 2,400 in 2018 to 4,333. An impressive 108,412 km (67,364 miles) were cycled, with the 2018 record of 52347 km (32,527 miles) being surpassed in the first 16 days of the competition.

In 2019 Motitech established a five-year partnership with Sport England and British Cycling, with the aim to activate even more seniors by supporting the care sector in delivering opportunities for older people to remain or get more active. Through the partnership, funded by DCMS, we were able to let 50 care homes across the UK starting with cycling and video concept Motiview and participate in the Road Worlds for Seniors. The partnership will see British Cycling and Sport England support the project through their Places to Ride capital grants programme, designed to deliver a lasting legacy from the 2019 Road World Championships. 

Despite Covid, the 2020 event saw impressive 129 teams and over 3000 cyclists signed up to partake. The teams came from Australia, UK, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. And even though there were almost 60 fewer teams in comparison to 2019, the cyclists was just 5,000 km away from breaking the record from 2019 of 108,000 km.

In 2021, the Road Worlds for Seniors experienced yet another milestone – becoming the largest event in the competition’s 5 – year long history. Over 5000 seniors signed up represented by 260 teams from 11 countries, cycling a total of 156,403 km (97184 miles) – which is equivalent to almost 4 laps around the earth! The event saw both returning and new cyclists and teams joining in. And yet again the participants showed a dedicating and commitment that proofs they are all true athletes regardless of age or functional level. And to support all of the dedicated athletes, we were proud to welcome new partners, sponsors and supporters in our joint mission to get even more older people and people with dementia active. 

Stapely Care Home was involved in a pilot in which they got an adapted bike which connects to a digital screen. The screen projects a route of local areas while the resident cycles. ItÕs to support residents with dementia to be more active. They commissioned images of local routes around the care home, our two football stadiums, and around the Pier Head, for the Liverpool route. The bikes were open to anyone to use, 24/7, and the care home staff received training to be able to support residents too. It has won an international award. Pictured Resident Doreen Brellisford, Activity Coordinators at the home Andrea Kelly-Lansley and Sarah Kinney along with Jan Inge Ebbesvik President Road Worlds for Seniors and Solfrid Sagstad International Markets Manager. 

Picture by Gareth Jones

Pride, joy and having the feeling of comeback

“We want the Road Worlds for Seniors to create a feeling of friendly competition and community. We want to encourage older people to compete, have fun and get active at the same time. To see all the participants, the joy and enthusiasm they share with each other, is so great. It’s good to know that together we can make a change. A sustainable change.”

President Road Worlds for Seniors, Jan Inge Ebbesvik

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Road Worlds for Seniors

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