Highlights from RWS 23

Summary of the biggest RWS in history.

With 254 teams, 6986 signed up cyclists from 10 countries, the 2023 edition of Road Worlds for Seniors became the biggest in history!

All in all the cyclists covered the distance of 229.930 km in total. That is more than five laps around the earth!

This years winners

1. Bruyere Village, Canada 16.904,7 km
2. Dypedalsåsen, Norway 11.091,4 km
3. Harbison Moss Vale, Australia 9728,9 km

Mens class:
1. Norman Cotè, Bruyere Village Canada 5139,2 km
2. Cyclist Lura Boas, Norway 4380,7 km
3. Cyclist Bruyere Village, Canada 3840,3 km

Womens class:
1. Ruth Varcoe, Dunkirk Memorial House UK 3717,3 km
2. Cyclist Bruyere Village, Canada 3101,4 km
3. Cyclist Furuset Seniorsenter, Norway 2760,6

Crewe of the Year:
Sofienberghjemmet, Norway