Norman Coté x6

The Canadian cyclist faced tougher competition than in several years, but once again he can adorn himself with the world champion title.

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THE TROPHY HUNTERS: Claudette 2nd place, Norman Coté world champion and Jacques 3rd place.

Norman Coté has been at the top of the list in the men's class since his first victory in 2018. The fit 88-year-old had no plans to let anyone take the title from him this year either.

It is an impressive achievement to be a world champion 6 times in a row. We haven´t found anyone else who have this track record in a individual sport.

But it was tighter at the top than in many years. A cyclist from Lura boas in Norway, followed Coté almost to the door.
In addition, another cyclist from Bruyère, Jacques, chased just behind at 3rd place.

But as it approached the finish line, Cote showed who is the strongest in the field with a total distance of 5139.2 km.

Not just a world champion

In addition to cycle to a new title, Norman sat next to his team mate Jacques and pep talked him to ride some extra km. So Jacques can, in some ways, thank the champion for his 3rd place this year. A great team captain!

When he was asked to say some words at the medal ceremony, Norman stod up and said the following:

- I have a lot to say, but I am to tired. I left it all on the bike.

2nd in the women's class

Bruyere have a lot of strong cyclist and they figure at the top nearly each year. Last year Claudette was world champion and she nearly did it again. She came in 2nd this year- another great achievement!

All these strong individual results lifted Bruyere Village to the top in the Team competition once again.

Top 3 Men:
1. Norman Coté, Bruyère Village Canada 5139.2 km
2. Cyclist, Lura Boas Norway 4380.7 km
3. Cyclist Bruyère Village Canada 3840.3

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