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Partnerships for enablement

Together we can help more seniors to break out of loneliness and social isolation, to improve their physical health and to have fun while doing it!

And we are proud to say that the Road Worlds for Seniors is supported by several amasing organisations. Together with our partners we want to create a global movement to increase the focus on physical activity and reminiscence for people that are normally not able to take part in such initiatives.

We are working closely with key branch organisations such as; Sport England, Ontario Long Term Care Association, Ageing Asia, Norges Frivilligsentraler, Care England, National Care Forum (NCF), National Activities Providers Association (NAPA), and others with the aim to promote and engage seniors to become more activity. We are proud to have the national cycling associations in Norway, UK and Canada all supporting the event. And in 2021, we were honoured to welcome our partner THERA-Trainer as one of our sponsors. 

Solfrid på Fletcher house Somerset care

Working with Sport England

In 2019, Motitech announced its five-year partnership with British Cycling and Sport England, which will support Motitech in delivering opportunities for older people to remain active through cycling. The partnership includes the Road Worlds for Seniors cycling event and has since then given thousands of seniors the ability to partake in the Championship and get active. 

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Julie Harrington, former CEO of British Cycling

We know that the appetite is there, at any age, to remain active, but have still been blown away by how so many care home residents have embraced the Road Worlds for Seniors. Activity programmes like this go a long way in showing that cycling is for everyone and can be a real force for good. We’d like to congratulate everyone that took part and cannot wait to hear about the participants’ continued experiences with Motiview. 

Our Partners

Cycling Medal Ceremony Vida Grange Harrogate

 Copyright Paul David Drabble
 28 September 2019

Becoming part of the movement through strategic partnerships

We want to invite key organisations to be a part of a joint collaboration and strategic partnership. Working together with our partners and networks, as well as our many contacts in the care space, has proven to create a fruitful and successful way to enable more seniors to partake and get the benefits.

We believe in building bridges.

Through our partnerships we work to establish ways to increase opportunities that directly cater for increased physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness for seniors residing in aged care. Hence, finding ways on how we can support the aged care sector in delivering services that cater for this is vital. 

We invite partners that share the vision and are interested in being part of finding ways to tackle the inactivity amongst seniors.

And we are grateful to already have great partners that share our vision; partners that contribute by sponsoring the Road Worlds for Seniors; that partner up to activate and enable even more seniors through funding initiatives; or partners that contribute with both their knowledge and expertise. 

Josh Peacock, Events and partnership manager Cycling Canada

“Road Worlds for Seniors represents a tremendous opportunity to challenge the notion that cycling, and physical activity as a whole, is limited by age or ability. We are thrilled to see the work that is being done by Motitech to bring this event to fruition, providing an inspiring outlet for seniors around the globe to compete and exercise both mental and physical health from the comfort of their long-term care facilities. We look forward to cheering on all participants at this year’s event.”

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